@NeoTheThird I didn't watch the video yet, and although you mention , which isn't (per gnu.org/distros/common-distros ), I do agree that bringing parts of is good, specially those under -3.0-or-later and -3.0-or-later. Or foster for general use instead of (or custom ), not even is good according to Eben (see media.libreplanet.org/u/librep ).


Come on, it's a five minute lightning talk, i'm sure you can free up that much! :D I won't go into detail on that list because I consider it incredibly unreasonable and counterproductive. Repeatedly kneeing your allies in the back is not a great strategy, but I digress. Most of your questions and comments are touched on in the video, but here are some thoughts:

@NeoTheThird allies accept fair criticism and try to do better. Yet every time Ubuntu #SoftwareFreedom fails are correctly pointed out, Canonical et al engage in tu quoqe fallacies (as you do here) and double down on them. That's not the behaviour of allies, it's #OpenWashing.

Adding Amazon spyware to your widely trusted "open source" OS is
> kneeing your allies in the back

Pointing that out, is not.

I appreciate the work you and others do on #UbiPosts. Keep the good work.

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