BOSS: Big Open Source Sister reaches underrepresented groups in tech who want to be mentored and assisted in #OpenSource projects. The mentor team is composed of 11 women with previous experience in #FOSS and developing chatbots.

BOSS aims to make their program scalable and replicable for other local communities. But translation is an area they could use help on. They currently need Brazilian Portuguese to English translators to help with documentation.



Chamada BOSS by LAPPIS

Oportunidade para alunas de graduação com interesse em desenvolvimento de software. Divulguem!


This is the same tree after loosing it's flowers. It lasted longer than usual (10 days). If I'm lucky it'll bloom once again soon or will happen only next year. 🍂

@samadeu O Ginga está presente em todas as TVs brasileiras, não depende do acesso limitadíssimo à internet ofertado pelas operadoras de telefonia e tem múltiplos recursos audiovisuais, textuais e de interatividade.

Em plena pandemia de coronavírus, em que as aulas estão suspensas, por que o Ginga não está sendo usado para a educação remota?


I was figuring out how much my daily routine has changed in this quarentine. I can't remember last time I ironed my clothes, I'm cooking almost everything I eat, and becoming good on that, and I'm using deodorant twice a week. I know the last one seems weird, however I'm sweating less since I'm doing homework and must stay home all time. And even when I'm smelling of sweat it doesn't matter because there is no one to be bothered with.

O Diário Oficial da União traz uma feliz surpresa hoje para os apoiadores do software livre.

A Medida Provisória 938 estabelece que todos os poderes e esferas de governo no Brasil precisam licenciar os seus sistemas de informação e comunicações como código aberto (art. 8º).

Por que isso é importante? Veja a campanha Public Money, Public Code da @fsfe


This owl family lives freely in my neighborhood. And you better avoid using the near sidewalk or you, or your dog, could be threathned by the mummy. Trust me and my dog! 😅 🦉

This tree just blowed up in front of my living room window. It's called Ipê and the species varies in several colors. Besides pink, it can be yellow, white, purple and other colors. Each color blooms in a specific season, so there are other pink Ipês flowering near here. The downside is that they last only two or three days. So I wanted to share this beauty with you all!🌳 🌸

I started to teach my dog to sit down with hand gestures and voice command. I always thought it was very hard to teach dogs anything, but it is not. In the first day he learned the first command very well, and now I'm very excited to teach much more. I read that improving the communication with the pet makes him happier only because he can feel understood.

Last week was my birthday and I had an online party. Thanks to my partner Danielle. She invited family and friends putting together people that I'd never imagine would be in the same place :D

Oh yeah! This month I coded more than entire last year, and probably I coded last year more than the last ten years. This somehow explains my inner happiness level these days. I must remember this next time I am offered to a job title without any coding at all. Let's see it as a prerequisite. 👾

This is Brown! In early february we (me and my partner) moved from a house to this small apartment we've living since then. We thought it would be better for him to move to another house so he would have more space and a better life despite many people said me it would be just fine to take him to appartment. We couldn't find another house so he came with us.

The truth is that we couldn't be happier! This pandemic isolation brougth us even closer.🐕

Today I did something unexpected that probably will shock some of my friends. I shaved my beard after more than 6 years cultivating it. I still loving my beard and am planning to let it grow again. I was just worried about not being allowed to go to barbershop these days. And after 70 days things got unmanageable.

Despite de scare surprises, I'm liking this new face!

I'm reading The Unicorn Project book and it's making me realize that I should read more novels. This one is about software development in a corporate perspective fueled of common DevOps mistakes and a project that needs to be launched in a impossible deadline. It's funny how I'm getting myself identified with the characters 😄

Hello Fediverse! After a long time out of here I'm kind of coming back. I've been studying english for the past few weeks and need to practice it, so I thought it would be nice show up here tooting. So I decided that from now I'll be around here tooting in a daily basis, at least once. So, get used to it!! :P

Found a super-handy command today. fselect is a program that imitates SQL SELECT syntax for filesystem searches. Examples:

fselect path FROM / WHERE is_shebang = TRUE # Writes a list of all interpreter scripts to stdout. Also a lot of permission denied errors to stderr.
fselect path, size FROM ~ WHERE name LIKE '.%' AND is_file = TRUE ORDER BY size DESC # Writes a list of hidden files in your home directory somewhere from biggest to smallest.

v. 0.9–Now with .
A solution to ensure navigation & search (as well as facet loading) performance in large collections, using plugin.
ALSO: YouTube and Flickr importers, and NEW block.

Dia das Mães é dia de exigir creches públicas de qualidade, condições pra alimentar os filhos e ensino de base público e gratuito, além do direito da mulher ao próprio corpo.

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