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This is not even my final form.

Official account of the Mastodon project. News, releases, announcements. All in micro-blog form!

🎺 Toot toot! 🎺

Spread the news, it's legit, @maloki and @Gargron boost to prove it!

Microblog (in 5 parts) inc. soon!

~Por uma participativa~
As pessoas mais criativas jamais estão reunidas todas em uma só empresa, ou governo, ou organização, ou país. Abrir os processos de construção de políticas públicas na rede, facilitando a colaboração dos interessados, é uma iniciativa quase óbvia neste início de século.

Just performed first upgrade with true zero downtime 🔧

Even the Brazilian satellite, Star One, beam reaches south of Florida which is enough for eavesdropping

esse final de semana na Casa do Povo, em São Paulo!

Começa hoje, às 20h30, com keynote do jornalista James Bamford: "Não começou com Snowden e não vai terminar com o Vault7"

isso deveria ser um bem público no século XXI e algo que deveria ser comum a toda humanidade e não propriedade de uma única organização...

Sobre os algoritmos que nos condicionam. A narrativa da extrema direita sobre o ocorrido na última terça-feira, dia 2, é reiterado e irresponsavelmente legitimado Google. Sem disclaimer.

Take a look at the state of our .
~ accused of creating a shell company with its former engineer in order to steal~
"Uber gave [former Google's] Levandowski $250 million in stock the day after he quit Google in January 2016, lawyers said in court."

The new release of Signal has support for encrypting and sending arbitrary files. That's a very big deal: for many users it has long been an unsolved problem to securely share documents or recordings, and now it's as easy and sending a text. Update out now for Desktop, iOS, and Android!

dUDE the Massachusetts Institute of technology might have just set up their own instance

We have all heard "If you're not paying, you are the product".

A thought: a version of this also applies to companies that are operating at a loss but keep going.

When a company keeps getting funding running at a loss, that's because those who fund it extract value from it, but not from what the company sees as its profit stream.

A centralized social network like Twitter is of interest for the likes of the NSA, for example, whether it is successful selling ads or not.

"Countless and initiatives supporting them have developed rapidly over the past 2 years. This challenges the practices of the , and the often ‘win at all costs’ culture of .
The can be owned and governed differently. The experiments now already underway show that a global of cooperatives, in collaboration with Free and movement, can stand against the concentration of wealth"

I'd like to welcome our new admins: @wxl @hecate @jd @marxistvegan @Famine !

More news to come about the organization of our collective, and our guidelines.

If you're a member of this instance and insterested in participating: tell us! <3

-- @href

in 1917, the anarchist unions, along with the socialists, led a general strike in brazil. today, we're stopping again, against the a labor law reform that may take us 100 years to the past.

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Mastodon da Ecologia Digital.

Construindo o ambiente digital público ~ comum ~, em prol de um ‘movimento ambiental para a rede [Internet]” -> #ecodigital

"Tal como o meio-ambiente, o domínio público (ou comum) precisa ser 'inventado' antes de ser salvo." - James Boyle, criador do ‘ambientalismo para a rede