"Rather than simply assuming that economic rents are all the same, economic should be trying to understand how allocate among consumers, suppliers, and the platform itself. While some allocations may reflect real competition, others are being driven by value rather than ."


"the idea that a deliberate piece of that doesn’t purport to be a factual retelling of the story is frustrating so many people suggests that it’s pressing the right buttons.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if the of the Bible was gay or straight, because he didn’t exist. So we may as well be arguing about whether Pikachu is left-handed."


Jamming with Shirley — shares his artistic collaboration with a , opening up the mysterious world of .
Thats in a deep sense, a mentality where is not opposed to , and it's .

" drugs have been exiled to the fringes of , dismissed as recreational drugs with limited potential. That changed with the therapy status granted last year to , the active compound found in magic mushrooms, for its ability to reverse treatment-resistant . In our latest interview series, we discuss the potential of to revolutionize clinical with thought leaders in the field."


"Há uma personificação do — é a menina com deficiência que se torna o alvo de quem ignora a . O mesmo ocorre com defensores de causas , ou de —são pessoas ameaçadas por ousarem desafiar a normalidade de uma ordem política desigual. O cancelamento dos mensageiros da democracia é uma das características do esvaziamento do político pelo ódio e um forte sinal das políticas de banalidade do mal."


"We need today an international cycle of struggles with the intelligence to investigate the structures of the ruling global order. Sometimes, after all, the theoretical work done in teaches us more than that written in libraries. Reversing their invisibility is the first step toward being able to challenge and eventually overthrow the structures of ."



I think Twitter adopting ActivityPub would be a good thing and a victory for the web. Twitter's current lock-in on its users is its strength, and weaking that lock-in by embracing decentralization would remove essentially all network effects-based obstacles to people moving away from it and spreading out in the fediverse.

"representative demands a basic measure of trust. So if distrust reaches a certain level, the system as it is must become unworkable. It must then either be replaced, or morph into a cynical imitation of itself."

In age, is key?



pt-BR: @fsfe / @fsfe introduz o projeto , que facilita fazer de um programa de computador um / .

en-US: @fsfe / @fsfe introduces the project, which eases making a computer program as a .

: trata-se de um não tradicional, e não o asiático. Para , o resultado de vinte e sete anos de meditação, psicoterapia e estados alterados não podem ser enquadrados em nenhum modelo . E como poderiam ser? A “serpente interior” da é simplesmente uma construção do sul da Ásia para ilustrar uma universal; “não é outra senão a nossa mente cerebral mais arcaica ()”.


RT @jamewils@twitter.com

First thing you should know that is a decentralized social media platform.

That is the fundamental difference between of it from or .

A decentralized network, which means there is no central group with all of the power.

So here it is

🐦🔗: twitter.com/jamewils/status/11

"? why arent we talking about fundamental rights, ?
no upload filters! no backdoors!
properly enforce the !
why there isn't one website for me to report a company?"
@aral@twitter.com on and Regulation (EU Parl.,at 01:14:00)

"o invertido era “a verdadeira face da superpotência”. Aqueles que ganham com a e os militaristas, advogando a doutrina da guerra total durante o período da Guerra Fria, sangraram o País de seus recursos. Trabalharam, também, em conjunto para desmantelar as instituições e as organizações populares, como sindicatos, para descapacitar politicamente e empobrecer os trabalhadores. Eles “normalizaram” a guerra."


@scantheworld@twitter.com Valid link to ', a community-built initiative whose mission is to share sculpture and cultural artefacts using democratised scanning technologies, producing an extensive ecosystem of .

"The best place to celebrate great art, is in a vibrant, lively, and anarchic popular . The world's back catalog of art should be set to run wild in our visual and tactile landscape."
@scantheworld@twitter.com releases unofficial 3D scans to the public.

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O entregador de bike você chama de “empreendedor” é um trabalhador informal precarizado e isso está derrubando a economia. twitter.com/estadao/status/119

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"Amanda Fielding argues that compounds may help save humanity from ego-imposed neurosis. She believes the era is over, but she is in a hurry. To advance faster, she enlisted a team in her lysergic crusade."

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