Good points on how to federate using the

" should be fast, scalable, easy to port should I need to switch platforms/servers. Popularity is a concern but that doesn't mean you have to
compromise for data mining monsters like or , because everyone’s using it”

"Todo parece indicar que esta epidemia representa una ocasión ideal para justificar la recesión económica capitalista que se acerca.
El no es el único responsable de las caídas en las bolsas, como se dice, ni de una economía capitalista desacelerada, con las ganancias de las corporaciones y la inversión industrial estancadas, sino que es la chispa de una crisis económica pospuesta donde la mala salud de la economía es muy anterior a la ."

"These are the perfect conditions for governments and the global elite to implement political agendas that would otherwise be met with great opposition if we weren’t all so disoriented.
it’s the blueprint known as the ,”

"Em nosso mundo tão secular, é muito difícil ter devoção sem credo. A não é um sistema de crenças, mas faz ressoar este tipo de amor: o amor ao sublime, ao sagrado, ao mais profundo da existência, esta mirada ao mais alto."

"Perhaps the single most important piece of information about the crisis in the US was this March 1 tweet thread from, a member of the Seattle Flu Study team" on the importance of individual verification of information online

The high price of machine forces many hospitals in the poorest regions of the world to rely on a simple solution known as an Ambu Bag that requires constant manual pressure in order to get oxygen to the lungs.

The (image) is a mechanically powered version of the .

At the time of writing, 10 patients are accompanied in breathing by a machine that uses a valve. As the spread worldwide and breaks supply chains, 3D printers – through people’s ingenuity and design abilities – can lend a hand.

Hospitals may have a right to produce these parts in an emergency (as in this case) but, in order to legally obtain a 3D printable STL file, the hospital that requires the parts needs to present an official request.

Tracked data is on , an effort to 'harness the scientific and public health potential of .'

is the 1st outbreak in which a germ’s evolution and spread have been tracked in so much detail, and almost in real time.

"Long the bane of remote workers, is equipped with numerous settings that even many of its longtime users may not know about. Take, for example, the "attendee tracking" feature."

"a transition, from the vision of , to a Sanders vision, an vision...
from thinking that the candidate has to appeal to moderate republicans, to embracing the Sanders framework of motivating a coalition cross section of voters across races and generations.

And doing that, it takes Bernie Sanders from being the least electable candidate, to the only one who can build that kind of coalition."

had its customer list stolen. Very trustworthy company to be working on and software. The company has a database of 3 billion photos scraped from the web, from sites like YouTube, Facebook, Venmo, LinkedIn.

"We’re not just in our separate anymore. The bubbles have burst. The space between is now filled with anxiety, fear, and even hate… We can’t heal these divisions through the that helped cause them. We must come together , and with more intensity than we pursue ."

The Republican lobbyist who now runs Facebook's DC office argued against removing fake news pages on the grounds that that would "disproportionately affect " who "don’t believe it to be ".

O lobista republicano que agora dirige o escritório do em Washington argumentou contra a remoção de páginas de notícias falsas, alegando que isso "afetaria desproporcionalmente os conservadores" que "não acreditam que sejam notícias falsas".

" hijacked the digital medium… American lawmakers have been reluctant [to act]. One reason is an unwritten policy of forged after the 9/11—the shift from online to “total information awareness".

movements in 2019 differs from 1968.
1) the key figures are young women, not men
2) they are arguing for a change in consciousness, not just in ideology…
3) they are collaborating with earlier generations
4) they are using tech in intentional new ways.

: Michael Peter Edson on why we really need to worry about the dark side of the web

"if we send our [] audiences to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube to consume our content, are we in essence... lending our own institutional reputations to burnish the and trustedness of these ?"

: "a da moderação é muito mais eficaz para detectar abusos e agir rapidamente. A estrutura centralizada [do ].. e a preocupação com liberdade de expressão faz com que uma mentira / injúria se disseminem pela rede."

" has been repackaged as a novel , marketed as , to reinforce the notion that spiritual practices are an individual’s private concern.
..a programme to destroy collective structures that may impede the pure logic.”

Ronald Purser on the of mindfulness, the of self-help, and the corporate piracy, cultural appropriation, and racism of privatized mysticism and .

The Ends and Becomings of

"the project closes the loop between pre- & post- imaginaries... the authors turn to instances of independent and critical net cultures as historical points of inspiration for rethinking, reforming, or refuting in the present."

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