"We failed because we underestimated greed. We failed because we didn’t pay attention to history…

We designed and built platforms that undermined . We designed and built that is used to round up immigrants and refugees and put them in cages. We designed and built that young, stupid, hateful men use to demean and shame women. We designed and built an entire industry that exploits the poor in order to make old rich men even richer."


‪"The shooter also exploited an unwitting ally—technology companies who have proven themselves unable or unwilling to stop the spread of on their .‬

‪The result: a horrific event made all the more devastating by the perpetrator’s ability to turn some of America’s most companies into distributors of his ghoulish white nationalist recruiting video."‬


Roger McNamee, author of , is joined by Lawrence in .

"Facebook, Google and other internet platforms employ a business model– – that is undermining , , , and in unprecedented ways.

The negative externalities of internet platforms are analogous to historical situations that required substantial regulatory intervention."


"The nostalgia for the old is a yearning for without , without the looming threat/promise and daily occurrence of .

That world seemed driven by , or some sort of rationalist ideal of discourse, where the we have now is palpably driven by affect, by coarsened and made detectable and ."
Rob Horning


" don’t actually suck. We’ve just spent so much time looking at each other through a weird kind of glass that filters out the good parts, that we’ve forgotten what the good parts look like or even where to find them.
The real enemy is the metric values that calculate to supplant : the anti-human values embedded in the used by both algorithms and executives. The real enemy of is .”


"We are now in late-stage performative , where nearly every tweet is hungry as hell for favorites and retweets, and everyone is a trained pundit or comedian.

How is a new social network analogous to an ?

Thirst for status is potential energy. It is the lifeblood of a business. To succeed in the market, social networks offer their own unique form of status token, earned through some distinctive ."


"’s essay is a power grab disguised as an act of contrition.

Facebook had $55 billion in last year, with 45% profit margin.. the most business venture in human history.

By narrowly construing to be exclusively about , he avoids having to think about Facebook’s weaknesses and missteps. Privacy is not just about keeping secrets. It’s also about how flows of info shape us as individuals and as a society."


How 's Curated a Dystopian Bookstore

Among the best-selling books in Amazon’s Epidemiology category are several anti-vaccine tomes. Scrolling through a simple keyword search for “” in Amazon’s top-level Books section reveals literature prominently marked as “#1 Best Seller” in categories ranging from Emergency to History of to .

The first book appears 12th in the list.


"While you can outsource mining to a computer, people still mine for on largely through their own blood, sweat, and tears.
Why does matter for a social network? If people want to maximize social capital, why not make that as easy as possible? As with , if it were so easy, it wouldn't be worth anything.
Value is tied to … status isn't worth much if there's no skill and effort required to mine it."

"To note that the —our rude & abrupt awakening to the mammoth powers of tech companies—is gaining force by the month is to state the obvious. ’s sudden departure from NYC attests to the rapidly .
…the option of radical democratic transformation, for all its , is the only option that allows progressive forces to stop defending the past and articulate a just, fair & egalitarian vision for the "
Evgeny Morozov

", an obscure sister project of , aims to represent (possibly) everything that the universe can understand so that computers can understand it.

[it] has come to serve an essential purpose as and expand to every corner of life.

[it is] a place where and bots can share on more terms."


Blockchain: decentralisation centralised on my coin.

Hint: the core of decentralisation isn’t about having a billion copies of the same database. It’s about a billion people each having their own, unique database.

PS. In a truly decentralised system, no one makes a billion dollars. *watches all the right libertarians make for the door*

PPS. A venture capitalist would never invest in a truly decentralised system. Why? See PS, above.

#blockchain #VentureCapital #bullshit

Reproducible Document Stack () project, is a collaboration to support the development of an technology stack aimed at enabling researchers to publish manuscripts through .

Reproducible manuscripts enrich the traditional narrative of a research article with code, data and interactive figures that can be executed in the browser, downloaded and explored.


: leituras contemporâneas”, tem como propósito aprofundar a compreensão do e estruturar discussões sobre o tema. O foi criado pela Profa. Tatiana Rotondaro, no contexto do Projeto Temático 'Macroamb: Governança Ambiental da Macrometrópole Paulista face à variabilidade climática'.

No 1o semestre de 2019, faremos a leitura do livro 'Comum - Ensaio sobre a revolução no Século XXI', de Pierre Dardot e Christian Laval.


"claims private as a source of free raw material for subordination to the market dynamic where it is reborn as –which is then combined with world historic computational capabilities that have never existed before.

This combination has the goal to produce predictions of human behavior, which are then sold to business customers who has an interest in betting in our future - ."


"—or market fetishism—is not the consistent application of modern , but its primitive, simplistic perversion…

In short, neoliberalism became just another name for economics.

Contemporary economics is finally breaking free from its market fetishism, offering plenty of tools we can use to make society more inclusive."


" & , mentiras e áudio-tape... E os querem enfiar o em seu avanço sobre a , escalando quem são “os amigos” e “os inimigos”...

Veja o vídeo:

[19th century] "is founded on treating not as something that should be shared, as a basis for some kind of consensus through publishing, through contributing knowledge to the common good. Knowledge starts to be treated as some kind of

A key issue in the 17th century …was that findings had to be made to the community. The same thing with & . They’re there for the public."


" has authoritarian-right bias. It feeds on vast created by natural behavior, has a tendency to inherit endemic biases, & codify them in favor of conservative authoritarians who see the incumbent balance of power as natural & just.
A platform-scale social technology is a political ideology. If you want open, pluralist platforms, you're going to have to mix technologies and arrange them in a conscious balance of power."


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