" has the capacity to serve as the data source for faculty profiles. is an example of how third-party tools can leverage the power of Wikidata to provisde faculty profiles and bibliographic, data-driven ."


"The sound has a few different variations, but essentially it’s a formula. “It has this soft, emo-y, cutesy thing to it,”

"It makes sense that pop has been going largely in this emo-ish direction, one that is more “chilled” (to use a word that seems to like) despite taking on heavy topics. We live in an increasingly isolated culture, and, more and more, music listening is something that happens in via headphones as opposed to collectively."


Detailed depictions with IIIF, Wikidata and

As of November this year, can point to the manifests associated with a digitised object (example near the foot of this page). However, the opportunity of Wikidata and IIIF is not just about discoverability of the IIIF data itself. Included in IIIF is the ability to address a specific rectangular region of an image with a URL. Wikidata can use this to express statements about part of an image.


How to Stop Apps From Your

"At least 75 companies receive people’s precise location data from hundreds of apps.. [they] use, store or sell the information to help advertisers, banks.. You can head off much of the tracking on your device by spending a few minutes changing settings."


RT @DoveyWan@twitter.com: Perspective matters ...

If you're interested in but haven't had an intro/tutorial session yet, here's a fantastic two-hour one by @abartov .

You'll see for yourself that is powerful, and is Love.

is The Power of Love!


'Exploring the local legacy of the ':

3 sources—Commonwealth War Graves Commission, Imperial War Museums Collections, and the IWM Lives of the First World War crowdsourcing project— plots on a map showing family addresses associated with the person who served whilst combining records images and facts to create a richer profile.

The idea is to demonstrate the potential of combining and enhancing large focused on the First World War.


: "Today we’re announcing that we intend to adopt the project in the development of Microsoft Edge on the desktop to create better web compatibility for our customers and less fragmentation of the web for all web developers."


Com o , o Histórico Nacional acaba de lançar na web 3 inéditas de seu acervo.

O Tainacan, solução tecnológica livre para a criação de repositórios digitais, gestão de metadados e difusão de acervos em rede com foco em mídias digitais, está na sua versão 2.0, desenvolvido como um complemento (plugin) para a plataforma .

Descubra a história do nosso país e muito + em: mhn.acervos.museus.gov.br/

"The movement communicate almost entirely on small, decentralized pages.. changes made earlier this year interacted with the fierce devotion in to local and regional identity.. the worst in half a century."


exposed private information, including IP addresses, of 32 million Brazilians

Data "was stolen via an improperly configured engine that was accessible via two IP addresses without password protection. In total, SkyBrasil leaked 28.7GB of users log files and a whopping 429.1GB of API data… includes private, identifiable info that could be used by hackers to blackmail or impersonate victims. This is ’s biggest exposure of private data."


Death of

"a disaster for Tumblr and instead of fixing their platform, it’s just putting the final nail in their coffin. I have been wrong about a lot of things in my life, but I would be very surprised if Tumblr is as relevant as MySpace a year from now."


" is .

It’s not a service provided by somebody else…

Laws & at this stage won’t do it [insisting that personal privacy be only provided by others].

We need…to create privacy as complete and useful online as it is offline."



“What many miss about is that his entire work was an attempt to understand how technologies have massive -conscious effects on those who’ve been habitually using them since childhood.

In 'Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man' (1964), McLuhan described a process of ‘ our and .’ His colleague John Culkin, in 'A Handful of Postulates' (1966), put this as ‘We shape our tools and, thereafter, they shape us.’"


"As Marshall insisted in the subtitle to his 1964 Understanding Media, the technologies we invent are best understood as the "extensions of man." So, if the wheel extended our feet and gunpowder our muscles, what do digital technologies extend?

Digital systems are themselves largely memory hierarchies and, as humanity participates in the environments generated by these technologies, these digital memory structures become extensions of our own memory.


has become .”
Ali Rahimi

The parallel [with ] is that many of today’s machine learning models, especially those that involve the use of neural networks or , are­ poorly understood and under-theorized.

“I would like to live in a world whose systems are built on rigorous, reliable, verifiable knowledge, and not on alchemy.”


in , "the Southern University of Science & Tech has been recruiting couples to create the 1st gene-edited babies. They planned to eliminate a gene called CCR5 in hopes of rendering the offspring resistant to HIV, smallpox, cholera."



"..[a partir] da ' Protestante e o Espírito do ' de , pensemos na 'Ética e o Espírito do '.

Porque na [assim como no desenvolvimento de ] ninguém perde a guerra. Não existe a guerra, com começo, meio e fim. É só batalha. Uma atrás da outra."


"the sheer individuality of our presents a challenge. the makeup of a person's may be as unique as a fingerprint, and that makes it hard to do large-scale comparisons of mouth microbiomes between populations.
by combining studies of the present in a person’s with metagenomic studies of the microbiome, researchers may eventually be able to trace more connections between lifestyle, , and .“

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