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Está ao vivo o projeto Querido Diário da Open Knowledge Brasil, parte do dezembro transparente. O projeto colaborativo visa coletar dados de todos os diários oficiais de municípios do Brasil. Muito interessante!

O software livre é o “último cadeado” do governo aberto, segundo o texto da Fernanda Campagnucci da Open Knowledge Brasil. Recomendo a leitura.

Ontem fizemos um webinar da OKBR com a praticipação minha, da @yaso, da Prof.ª Gisele Craveiro, do Christian Moryah e do @nitaibezerra, com mediação do Mário Sérgio. Foi sobre os 10 anos do início dos dados abertos no governo federal brasileiro.

Para quem não pôde assistir ao vivo, segue a gravação.

Without Section 230, a lot of the injustices dealing with #BlackLivesMatter would not have come to light. And it’s my view based on our research that not a single #MeToo post would have been allowed on a moderated platform without Section 230. - @RonWyden

Facebook’s acquisitions of rival platforms gave it a monopoly
and created a personal data-hoovering behemoth whose profiling capabilities only cement its dominance. Federal and state antitrust lawsuits are late, but a welcome development:

“That EARN IT Act is more of the same as SESTA/FOSTA. Exactly the same.“
- @RonWyden

We agree. Learn more about EARN IT in our first EFF30 Fireside Chat with Bruce Schneier, after this Fireside Chat ends.

How could a text message urging people to do the right thing ever result in an armed police home raid? Overbroad computer crime laws:

What if, when you bought digital media like books and music, you could resell it or give it away as you choose? Learn more about the idea of digital first sale, and how it can promote equitable access to knowledge and create a more accessible digital

The very purpose of Section 230 was to eliminate any distinction between those who actively select, curate, and edit the speech before distributing it and those who are merely passive conduits for it.

With Section 230, people everywhere can:
- Comment on and review books and other media
- Share support for social causes
- Connect with friends and family on social media

Learn more about this important law during our #EFF30 fireside chat on 12/10!

2020 is a year in that many public administrations announced they plan to follow our road to software freedom. Read about our successess and about the state of #FreeSoftware in #European #Public #Policies in our yearly report:

and then support our work by becoming a supporter so we can keep up the good work!

O Comitê Gestor da Infraestrutura Nacional de Dados Abertos está voltando? É uma boa oportunidade para relembrar a história desse comitê, desde a sua concepção em 2011 até ser extinto em 2019.

Is the Brazilian federal government Open Data Committee coming back? Here's a recounting of the history of the old committee, since the beginning in 2011 until it was disbanded in 2019.

Does anyone know of a decent round-up of current (2019/2020) TV OSes? I'm interested in factors like offline-breakage, known spyware-phone-homing, availability of SDKs, sideloading, etc.

Can't find anything even close to contemporary. Boosts 'preciated; will post any answers I find....

Just as a general comment: if anybody out there is ever preparing slides for a conference in English and you feel any level of trepidation because English isn't your first language, I would be more than happy to look at your slides and tell you if I spot anything that would benefit from a grammar change. No charge.

Probably a lot of others would do the same, especially tech writers, but I haven't seen that sort of offer so I thought I'd make it, just in case.

On F-Droid, you can get "Contact Diary", an app to keep track of whom you were in contact with and what locations you visited over the last couple of days. This helps you to know whom to contact if you ever get a positive test result.

The app is privacy oriented: There is only one permission set (to remind you daily to keep the diary), it doesn't have internet privileges, and the data gets deleted after 15 days.

Make your Raspberry Pi camera look like a real camera, with this 3D print design created by @bb_madoshi.

Learn more:

Original tweet :

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