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Procurando sobre a pandemia de COVID-19 no Brasil? A plataforma colaborativa Brasil.io coleta diariamente informações dos boletins oficiais das Secretarias de Estado de Saúde, com dados para cada município e agrega os dados para download ou acesso via API!

Tem visualização também em mapa e série temporal.

Mais informações aqui:


#DRM on medical equipment has always been a threat to human health and lives, as well as a violation of our rights, and now DRM on ventilators may actually cost lives: https://u.fsf.org/30n

Brazilian ministry of health takes down the website with official data on covid-19

#COVIDー19 #OpenData #openscience

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saiu do dar a plataforma de covid-19 mantida pelo ministério da saúde (plataforma.saude.gov.br/novoco) e, com ela, a base de dados (plataforma.saude.gov.br/novoco).

#Transparenciacovid19 #COVIDー19 #OpenData

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I am currently writing a list of good #FreeSoftware solutions for #remote #working in the @fsfe wiki:

I still need to polish the wording but if you already have input for me about what is missing, more sources or any other feedback is very welcome.

Just focus please on software that in particular facilitates remote working not any other usual work-procedures.

Heard of @fdroidorg and still wonder what it is? Here's a 10 minute video on PeerTube you might wish to watch, including some recommended apps you can find on F-Droid:


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aaron schwartz died by suicide in 2013 awaiting trial on federal charges for mass downloading jstor articles. just good to not forget these things at this time, i reckon. he was 26. universitytimes.ie/2020/03/jst

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@yaso the same thought occurred to me as I heard this bit of news.

But then I thought that to make it secure against bots and fraud you'd probably need to deepen the surveillance of the state over citizens. Or at least that's the excuse they'll make for it.

Just see how none of the government's mobile apps are currently open source and most require excessive and unreasonable permissions, if you need any evidence of this.

Good points on how to federate using the

" should be fast, scalable, easy to port should I need to switch platforms/servers. Popularity is a concern but that doesn't mean you have to
compromise for data mining monsters like or , because everyone’s using it”


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Copycats welcome! 🙂
If you want to post a bounty on an app, please get in touch with us (matrix/irc/gitlab/forum).

The #Jitsi meet app in F-Droid should be updated to the latest version by tomorrow!


Good luck to everyone doing remote work at this time.

Eu ia fechar um e-mail com "Abraços" e resolvi mudar de última hora pra "Atenciosamente".

Que tempos, hein?

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Yes, down with paywalls and up with emergency alert systems, my new piece for MIT Tech Review on how social media can be repurposed to fight the infodemic
technologyreview.com/s/615368/ twitter.com/biz/status/1239325

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@blub It seems like a sensible thing to do. I had no idea that OSQA development had been abandoned for so many years.

Not only is fully featured, but also frequently updated.

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