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Hi @TwitterSupport@twitter.com. Why was @RosieDaSerenata@twitter.com's API token suspended? Rosie have organically gathered 38k followers. Our project is a reference in Brazilian civc tech, featuring in #MozillaHealthReport, as the top Brazilian project on GitHub and in the community. #DesbloqueiaRosie

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The #Parliament of #Asturias supports the Campaign "Public Money? Public Code!" and votes in favor of publishing all publicly financed software developments under a #FreeSoftware licence: picahack.org/el-parlamento-ast (ES) @fsfe #publiccode

In the long run, the Parliament seeks the use, promotion and migration to Free Software and #OpenStandards throughout all public administration's processes.

Nesse período, o Supremo Tribunal Federal - STF derrubou por duas vezes as leis da impressão do voto sob o falso pretexto de que violaria o sigilo do voto.


Para mais informações sobre a segurnça da urna e a impresão do voto, sugiro ler o livro "O Mito da Urna", do prof. Jeroen van de Graaf, do Departamento de Ciência da Computação da UFMG.


A Comissão Europeia recomenda, desde 2006, aos países que implantarem urnas eletrônicas em suas eleições que manter uma trilha de auditoria verificável pelo eleitor (o chamado "voto impresso") é uma precondição necessária. Está na pág. 65 do documento intitulado "Methodological Guide on Electoral Assistance".


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I signed the . You should too. Because it is important that policy makers and citizens strengthen the legal concept that enables free and unrestricted and of and .


#Inkscape is proud to release versions 0.92.4 & 1.0 alpha of its free, professional vector graphics editor! Available now for Linux and Windows 32/64 here: inkscape.org/release/ #FLOSS #collaboration

The Web is still a DARPA weapon.


Giacomo Tesio explains the threat of weaponized JavaScript. One more reason to use NoScript or other script blockers in the browser.


Alô, #procuro um alternativa de app de teclado pra Android.

Uso o swiftkey mas desde que foi comprado pela MS ele tem piorado (e logo vai morrer). O gboard eu não quero usar pq google.

@aral Not just a sponsor, but a Platinum sponsor.

The thing about Google and Facebook sponsoring all the major tech and privacy-related conferences is that how likely is a speaker to be accepted if they are critical of those companies, and how much self-censorship will occur out of fear of insulting the Platinum sponsor and not being invited back again.

so we would ask everyone, please be wlecoming, inclusive, and friendly no matter what tag their instance says - yiff.life, meow.social, awoo.space and dozens more are all great communities, and collectively we're all better together because of the federated model. it keeps us honest and prevents many problems that come from monolithic platforms with obscure moderation and corporate governance.

thanks for listening! we love you!

GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program and GNU stands for GNU’s Not UNIX and UNIX stands for Uniplexed Information and Computing Service so the full proper name for GIMP is actually:

GNU’s Not Uniplexed Information and Computing Service Image Manipulation Program

Cloudflare friends and haters, have a look at this. Cloudflare now provides an IPFS gateway and use IPFS as backend for your site.

Yes, it's still cloudflare, it's still intercepting connections, but as I pointed out earlier, that's exactly what you want them to do.

Anyway, enjoy the read:


#cloudflare #ipfs #dweb

Chrome is a Google Service that happens to include a Browser Engine,

Since Chrome 69 or Chromium (latest), logging into a Google service logs you in the browser. This is not neutral at all. It must be an extension at worst…

#google #chrome #neutrality

It's easy to make sure everyone knows you oppose #DRM on the upcoming International Day Against DRM (IDAD): just add this modal window, which works without proprietary Javascript, to your Web site: https://u.fsf.org/2o0

@lx I like your XKCD Bot, but it seems to have stopped. Now that you've moved to another Mastodon instance, are you going to move the bot too?

Why technology favors tiranny
" makes it possible to process enormous amounts of information centrally.
The conflict between and is actually a conflict between two different systems. AI may swing the advantage toward the latter."

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