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Mais do Parlametria.org: iniciativa de @okfnbr@twitter.com, UFCG (@zananeno@twitter.com) e Dado Capital (@sporto08@twitter.com), com @Fvas@twitter.com e @BrunoCarazza@twitter.com . O estudo aponta que o grau de influência do setor privado na eleição do Legislativo nacional se mantém, apesar de vedado o financiamento de empresas +

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Margaret Atwood: we are double-plus unfree

"Our leaders are applying the methods of agribusiness cattle-raising to us: ear-tag, barcode, number, sort, record. And cull, of course"


It's about time to delete my Instagram account. Sometimes you have to jump a fence to reach a river.

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En #Portugal ha dejado de ser ilegal romper el #DRM para la copia privada. Es necesario saltarse las protecciones digitales porque las distribuidoras no proveen los medios que garantizan ejercer los derechos que por ley corresponden a los usuarios.
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BREAKING: a federal judge has ruled that suspicionless searches of travelers’ cell phones, laptops, and other electronic devices when we cross the U.S. border are unconstitutional.

This is an enormous victory for privacy. eff.org/press/releases/federal

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Carl Sagan explains how the ancient Greeks knew the Earth was round and calculated its circumference over 2,000 years ago. t.co/xgJsj6yM79

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As bosses seek ever more data from workers, a “Democrat in the Nevada state assembly has introduced a bill to make involuntary microchipping illegal in the state. Arkansas, New Jersey and Tennessee are also drafting legislation centered around implants.”

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"mais de um terço dos sócios das fintechs tem até 35 anos, 88% são do sexo masculino, 57% são de São Paulo, 9% do Rio de Janeiro e 7% de Minas Gerais"

Pra mim a notícia aqui é a falta de mulheres à frente de fintechs e a concentração delas em SP.

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"Libraries are one of the most tangible manifestations of civic engagement, a place that represents a social and community investment in learning and shared culture." oclc.org/blog/main/public-libr

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Unser Call für Sessions "about:freedom" zum #36C3 läuft: Die #FSFE sucht nach inspirierenden Vorträgen und praktischen Workshops über #FreieSoftware und #DigitaleNachhaltigkeit.

Wir freuen uns auch über Themen die einen klaren Bezug zu Freier Software haben, insbesondere über den Schutz der Privatsphäre, über Datenschutz, Verschlüsselung, die Commons und Netzpolitik:


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"When considering reforming their systems, the Netherlands and Mongolia, as well as the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Ontario, all chose to debate the issues, instead of holding ." v @bethnoveck@twitter.com

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FBI's Top Lawyer From The Apple Encryption Fight Says Law Enforcement Needs To Suck It Up And Embrace Encryption tdrt.io/hCh

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using a social media platform to gather people around the open data itself, through an automated platform, has the potential to transfer power to the citizens blogs.worldbank.org/governance via @worldbank@twitter.com

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