no,, it is not acceptable to dump visitors at if they say they don't accept your cookies.

nor is it acceptable to make firefox's reader view unusable by ensuring the article doesn't show up in it at all.

i very seldom feel moved to make this request, but: please don't share links until they get the hell over this user-hostile shit. thanks.

"Wissenschaft ist nicht *die* Wahrheit, aber sie ist die beste Näherung, die uns zu Verfügung steht."

Warum Wissenschaft nicht perfekt ist, und warum man ihr trotzdem vertrauen kann:

New feature: Add user notes to block/mutes

This is a pull request, meaning someone has written the code and it hasn't been added to Mastodon yet.

If you like the idea of being able to write private notes to remind yourself why you blocked or muted someone, ciick through and add your 👍 !

#mastodon #meta #github

With no end in sight for the coronavirus crisis, classes are interrupted and children are at home. Given the very limited internet connectivity of most people, Ginga could be the perfect solution for distance education, as it does not require an internet connection.

The question is why is it still not in widespread use for remote classes.


Ginga is an open standard in the Brazilian-Japanese digital TV system that offers multiple audiovisual resources, text and interactivity over the air waves. It is installed in all Brazilian digital TVs and is widely used across South America.

In Brazil, most of the population has a very limited access to the internet, as Telcos only offer expensive and extremely limited cell phone plans with zero-rating for Big Tech.


O Manual do Usuário é perfeitamente acessível em um navegador de texto puro (Lynx rodando no Raspberry Pi OS via SSH)

Now, he's posted "Hello! You've Been Referred Here Because You're Wrong About Section 230 Of The Communications Decency Act," which breaks down every one of the bad arguments made by CDA 230 opponents.

(It's a riff on Popehat's canonical "Hello! You've Been Referred Here Because You're Wrong About The First Amendment.)


Like all walled gardens, Facebook doesn't have users, it has hostages - but it also has prey. Even if you don't have a FB account (and especially if you do), FB tracks you across the web and through your apps, thanks to Like buttons, FB pixels and other trackers.

A German court just ordered them to knock that shit off.


@gerhardbeck Könnten Sie mir ein gutes Podcast über freien Technologien vorschlagen? Ich lerne Deutsch und würde gern ein deutsches Podcast hören.

In less than a couple of hours, Professor Nicola Guarino of CNR – Italy will present his talk "Ontological Analysis and Conceptual Modelling: Why and How" as part of the ER Online Summer Seminars.

If you have an interest in ontologies or conceptual modeling, this is a must watch!

More information:


@switchingsoftware Cool! I have added a comment there with the link, so that we don't forget it later.

Nous publions aujourd'hui une nouvelle version bêta de #Mobilizon, à la fois pour montrer les avancées depuis la reprise du développement, mais aussi pour commencer les tests, notamment avec les personnes qui sauraient l'installer sur leur serveur.

Just as I did that toot, on the next day the publishing date of videos is back again displayed on YouTube pages.

I'd like to think that I had any influence on that, but no, I'm sure they don't read the fediverse and this was just a strange coincidence.

@samadeu O Ginga está presente em todas as TVs brasileiras, não depende do acesso limitadíssimo à internet ofertado pelas operadoras de telefonia e tem múltiplos recursos audiovisuais, textuais e de interatividade.

Em plena pandemia de coronavírus, em que as aulas estão suspensas, por que o Ginga não está sendo usado para a educação remota?


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