The Brazillian Official Gazette has a fortunate surprise for free software supporters today.

Medida Provisória 938 (Temporary Order) establishes that all branches and levels of government in Brazil must license its information and communication systems as open source (Article 8).

Why is this important? See the Public Money, Public Code campaign from @fsfe


Temporary Orders are effective immediately, but must be voted by congress in 60 days, extensible for more 60 days.

Let's hope and act so that this landmark achievement is maintained when voted in the Brazilian congress!



It's out in the official gazette. Free software licenses in public administration are now determined by Law n. 14063/2020! It applies to all branches of government and all federation entities. It's been converted from MPV 983/2020, and it underwent approval in Congress and was sanctioned without vetoes in regards to the free software licenses part.

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