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With no end in sight for the coronavirus crisis, classes are interrupted and children are at home. Given the very limited internet connectivity of most people, Ginga could be the perfect solution for distance education, as it does not require an internet connection.

The question is why is it still not in widespread use for remote classes.


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The Brazillian Official Gazette has a fortunate surprise for free software supporters today.

Medida Provisória 938 (Temporary Order) establishes that all branches and levels of government in Brazil must license its information and communication systems as open source (Article 8).

Why is this important? See the Public Money, Public Code campaign from @fsfe


This is pure confiscation. Remember, this isn't a product that's offered at a discount for people who opt out of reselling it - it's an expensive med-tech item sold to desperate people with serious maladies.

Imagine if you couldn't resell your car - we're heading there. Textbook monopolies have killed the used textbook market. It's part of an overall program to shift wealth from the public to corporations, and risk from corporations to us.


As the US Congress showed us yesterday, we're at a turning point with our relationship to Big Tech. Smaller tech companies are experiencing a mass die-off thanks to covid, and Big Tech has huge war-chests it can use to snap them up.

When these US giants buy all their nascent competitors, they will present themselves as rescuers, saviors of businesses drowning in debt. But unless we intervene, they will emerge from the crisis with levels of dominance we can hardly dream of.


Será que estamos cancelando mais gente por causa da quarentena? Não sei, só sei que o assunto está em alta. E acho que entre a devida responsabilização e o justiçamento de famosos e anônimos, ainda não encontramos o tom certo para lidar com o fenômeno. Este é o destaque da semana no Manual:


Ab 2. August 2021 beginnt die Speicherpflicht für #Fingerabdrücke auf neuen Personalausweisen.

Alle Bürgerinnen und Bürger werden behandelt wie Tatverdächtige.

Infos zur Rechtslage, zu unserer Kritik und zu euren Handlungsoptionen: /f

This isn't an advantage that its nascent rivals enjoy - until you have billions, you can't hide billions, because the enablers who create trusts and Double-Irish Dutch Sandwiches and other polite names for "fraud" are not interested in your business.

Google - and other Big Tech companies - literally buy companies more often than I buy groceries. This is by design: the companies have used monopolistic tactics to effectively foreclose on the possibility of their being unseated.


The company is refunding its customers' money, but this is cold comfort for many. As I said when Microsoft revoked every ebook it ever sold by shutting off its DRM server:

"When I was a bookseller, nothing I could do would result in your losing the book that I sold you. If I regretted selling you a book, I didn't get to break into your house and steal it, even if I left you a cash refund for the price you paid."


Hoje é um bom dia para recuperar este #Tecnocracia: Monopólios sempre emperraram a inovação — e não é diferente com as Big Tech:


Hachette pioneered the tactic of forcing writers to give up their worldwide English rights as a condition of selling to them, depriving authors of the chance to get paid separately for their rights in multiple territories.

The Internet Archive, by contrast, is a donor-supported nonprofit devoted to preserving all human knowledge and promoting access around the world.

I know whose side I'm on.


Does anyone in Fediland have any experience using the new Mozilla VPN?

Please boost.

Si vous utilisez NewPipe via F-Droid, les mises à jour sont très tardives.

Solution : ajoutez le dépôt de F-Droid directement -

Note : il faut ajouter le S au https:// pour que ça fonctionne

Note 2 : il faut désinstaller NewPipe, puis mettre à jour vos dépôts, et vous aurez accès à la dernière version

But while we're at it, let's force them to interoperate - to let co-ops, tinkerers, and commercial competitors plug into their platforms and give us REAL choice in how they work.

Writing for EFF's Deeplinks blog, my colleague Bennett Cyphers (with some contributions from me) has published a fantastic breakdown of what interoperability could do, and how it could work:


Teachout has a gift for slicing through the bafflegab and revealing that the grifter's patter disguises nothing more than unimaginative, sociopathic scams.

For example, Teachout's chapter on "binding arbitration" swiftly and assuredly flenses away the legalistic BS and reveals this for the con it is: a system where companies replace courtrooms and judges with private law.


Já contei pra vcs que voltei pra Harvard?
Pois é, agora to fazendo Mestrado em Políticas Públicas na Kennedy School 🤘

It's still so wild that most Americans don't know the US "owned" the Philippines.

Even the wikipedia page lumps the Spanish colonial period together with the US colonial period. Almost half a century of brutal repression reduced to a footnote

Upcoming talks:

* Do Androids Dream of Electric Cars? Public Transit in the Age of Google, Uber, and Elon Musk, Aug 4,

* Virtual event with Christopher Brown for his novel "Failed State," Aug 12,


Neste episódio do Telefonemas, Vinícius Mendes conversa sobre literatura com Jonas Di Andrade, especialmente sobre Machado de Assis e as críticas que o autor escondia em suas sátiras ao retratar a sociedade brasileira do século XIX. is an amazing alternative to Amazon's Audible: an independent audiobook platform that sells books from every major publisher at the same price as Audible - but without DRM, and with a share of every sale going to an indie bookseller of your choosing.

Virtually every audiobook title is available through - except for those titles that Audible demands be sold as "Audible exclusives."


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