Behold "SimRefinery", created for Chevron in 1992 by a division of Maxis set up to make custom sims for businesses:


Without a cross-sector standard definition for “bot,” it’s all talking passed each other.

But more importantly, we should demand social media companies disclose publicly if an account is a bot (even if it is labeled as a bot based on their own standards).


Open-Source-Anbieter fürchten, offene Lernprogramme könnten an Unis durch kommerzielle Angebote ersetzt werden. Die haben oft Datenschutzmängel.
Software an Unis: Angst vor Microsoft
#Digitalisierung #DeutscheUniversitäten #OpenSource #Coronavirus #Bildung #Gesellschaft #Schwerpunkt

Meu #tbt de hoje é de um link que um amigo mandou essa semana. 2011, eu era profe da UnB e voluntária no desenvolvimento do portal de dados abertos do governo federal

E os sprints eram no balaio café

When I talk about how we should fight tech monopolies, I often make the point that tech companies used to grow by making things, but now they grow by buying them.

For example Google created 1.5 amazing products (a search engine and a Hotmail clone) and then bought a bunch of companies. Its in-house products - G+, Sidewalk Labs, smartwatches, Loon - are boondoggles, vanity projects and failures.


Some people watched the endless mergers and industry concentration of the past 40 years and thought, "Well, at least I'll get a titan who'll protect me and give me the things I love."

But that's not how concentrated power works - instead, it proceeds with brutal brinksmanship that destroys the things we love, the jobs those things created, and the businesses behind those jobs.


Though a human being CAN, which raises the possibility of using GPT2 as a "centaur" (a human-computer collaboration team): a human could tweak computer-generated forgeries to make them both comprehensible and statistically undetectable.

Or vice-versa: if you wanted to remove traces of distinctive style to combat "stylometry" (identifying anonymous authors with stats, by analyzing texts for stylistic quirks), you could use this to remove the "surprising" elements from your work.


"Assured panels by Rockefeller (Pop!) combine frilly with threatening, illuminated by eerie light sources. Doctorow, making his picture book debut, strikes a gently edgy tone ('He was so tired,' Poesy sees, 'that he stepped on a Harry the Hare block and said some swears. Poor Daddy!'), and his blow-by-blow account races to its closing spread: of two tired parents who resemble yet another monster. Ages 4-6."



I've been using brave w/ for a while, the quality of the search results is impressive

As critics of this theory have pointed out, people may do things because they are addicted, or coralled, or coerced.

But I think there's value in applying revealed preferences to a society.

When officials decide to spend 5,500% of the cost of outfitting pandemic workers on outfitting militarized police, they are telling you who they think you are, and what you value.

More importantly, they're telling you who THEY are, and what THEY value.


After showcasing our roadmap for PeerTube V3, we are happy to announce that version 2.2 is out. Let's look around and see what it brings us:

Publiquei um draft rapidão sobre a questão dos bots e a Lei das fake news proposta por - feat + as bots, beta feminista e outras

Precisamos de um Cadastro Nacional de Robôs — é sério


Confira nossa nova Chamada de Artigos:
#ProteçãodeDados em Tempo de Emergência Social: #COVID19, #Democracia, #Inovação e #Regulação na #AméricaLatina

- Novos tópicos
- Novo deadline
- Remuneração para os autores
- Prêmio para o melhor artigo


Who of Mastodon app developers wants to add E2EE messages to their app? #mastodev

ByteHamster wrote a blog post about supporting newer TLS versions on older Android devices. Read about possible solutions to this for the F-Droid ecosystem here:

@fdroidorg All giant hacks for a problem that shouldn't even exist in the first place... What happened to smartphones, why couldn't they make then more like PC's?

O Senado deve votar hoje (2) o Projeto de lei 2630/20, ou "PL das fake news", que visa regular redes sociais e aplicativos de mensagens para conter a disseminação de notícias falsas. Especialistas e entidades civis contestaram o PL, afirmando que a matéria não foi debatida com a sociedade e que diversos pontos do texto contrariam o Marco Civil da Internet.


Router Freedom challenged by new European rules

From 21 June a new set of rules will guide the implementation of Router Freedom in Europe. The internalisation of the rules by the 27 EU member states will face challenges with negative consequences for Router Freedom. The FSFE contributed to several improvements of the guidelines and will monitor compliance with them.

If I often boost at 2:30am (GTM+2) while I am sleeping, that's because I scheduled my boosts with #Fedilab.
That helps to reach people in another timezone.

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