"Em nosso mundo tão secular, é muito difícil ter devoção sem credo. A não é um sistema de crenças, mas faz ressoar este tipo de amor: o amor ao sublime, ao sagrado, ao mais profundo da existência, esta mirada ao mais alto."


"One important insight is the possible revelation of , or the lack of inherent self (ness). Similarly, one may realize , , or the dependently originated nature of all phenomena."


"A lot of struggle with three key areas: , and .. the goal of the study is to offer an improved quality of life, but also to gather data on the effects of on the range of factors that affect our aging population."


‪"there is strong evidence that …cause subtle shifts away from self-focus, , a desire for financial success and competitiveness towards more intrinsic, , trusting, optimistic, liberal and dimensions of personal identity which resonate with political views."‬

Engage in a conversation long enough, and you’ll probably hear terms like tossed around as casually as "Shpongle" and “blasting off.”

But what is the ego?

"In short, the (Default Mode Network) reduces overwhelming reality into a chronological self, or ego, and the shuts that down, opening into a primordial state of being."


"There is a vast variety of that are caused by psychoactive drugs, so there is no singular state that is the . Psychedelic states of sentience occupy a —possibly infinite—that is yet to be observantly mapped; this is the remit of a yet-to-be-undertaken , and this needs to precede a —as we cannot seek neural correlates of consciousness without first mapping those states of consciousness"

“To state that ‘the primary use of [] medicines — as imperceptible agents,’ is not correct. The statement is contradictory in itself: a primary use that is imperceptible(?).”

The rebranding of psychedelics from visionary compounds, capable of catalyzing resistance to dominant culture, into sub-perceptible marks a clear attempt at mainstream recuperation of these potent tools.


: "Dentro da , há tradições e doutrinas que veem no prazer e na uma manifestação da criação boa de , uma centelha do Divino e uma participação na natureza mesma de Deus. Esta linha se liga à que vê com naturalidade e até com regozijo o amor entre um homem e uma mulher. Com forte carga , o 'Cântico dos Cânticos' celebra o jogo do amor, a beleza dos corpos dos amantes, dos seios, dos lábios e dos beijos."


"A ideia da no é do juiz Sami Storch, que conheceu o método de Hellinger em 2003, em terapia. "Nos workshops que presenciei, vi casos poderosos de reconciliação... Percebi que a constelação tinha muito a agregar na ."

Pioneirismo brasileiro.


does anyone else find it depressing when ppl with more established careers start patreons

like, shit, if so-and-so needs a side hustle, what hope do any of us have?

it feels like tipping—subsidizing the shitty pay of art/academia/whatever

" has been repackaged as a novel , marketed as , to reinforce the notion that spiritual practices are an individual’s private concern.
..a programme to destroy collective structures that may impede the pure logic.”


Ronald Purser on the of mindfulness, the of self-help, and the corporate piracy, cultural appropriation, and racism of privatized mysticism and .


"Even the last .. suddenly for the 1st time ever you've got a chunk of the audience that see the rebels as bad guys, and the empire as the ones to be defended.. we are literally living in the .

It is not going to be the , it's the , it's everybody end stories smashing and crashing and blaring into each other."


"our challenge is to come up with new collectivities, which are going to work for our age, and our minds.
The guru thing doesn't work for many of us..

I am critical about a lot of the discourse around , because it is so focused on the , we don't need more processes to optimize ourselves.
If you are not coming from some form of exploration, or behavior, you are just more alienated, you are more alone, and you are ."


is sold as a force that can help us cope with the ravages of , but it may be the very enemy of —“accept things as they are”.

[By] neglecting shared vulnerabilities and interdependence, we disimagine the collective ways we might protect ourselves.

on : “a programme for destroying collective structures that may impede the pure market logic.”


@icaro I think the problem with the contemporary discourse around , with the and all the science talk, is not that it's not sane or helpful even, but because it is so much focused on offering an individual process.
While ancient cultures have managed to build collective processes to deal with these extraordinary states of mind, the 'innovative' approach seeks to offer these experiences in a regular way, in a safer way, in a marketable way as an individual experience.

"'Wow wow WOW! We’re all one! Now I get it!’
By experiencing this profound connection with the universe and all living beings, one gets the feeling that we’re incredibly lucky to have even been birthed on this beautiful planet.”


are like "knobs that allow us to turn down the self and tune in the Self…Now what I call the is less about 'losing the self' than 'tuning to the .'"

Richard Doyle talk with @JasonSilva@twitter.com (2011)


We are talking about plant-based that have been in use by peoples and cultures for thousands of years.

And yet, here ancient wisdom about the use of psychedelic substances is repackaged to be sold as groundbreaking discovery, and they say that psychological support becomes essential.


Jamming with Shirley — shares his artistic collaboration with a , opening up the mysterious world of .
Thats in a deep sense, a mentality where is not opposed to , and it's .

" drugs have been exiled to the fringes of , dismissed as recreational drugs with limited potential. That changed with the therapy status granted last year to , the active compound found in magic mushrooms, for its ability to reverse treatment-resistant . In our latest interview series, we discuss the potential of to revolutionize clinical with thought leaders in the field."


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