"Em nosso mundo tão secular, é muito difícil ter devoção sem credo. A não é um sistema de crenças, mas faz ressoar este tipo de amor: o amor ao sublime, ao sagrado, ao mais profundo da existência, esta mirada ao mais alto."


Jamming with Shirley — shares his artistic collaboration with a , opening up the mysterious world of .
Thats in a deep sense, a mentality where is not opposed to , and it's .

"Si entendemos el en un sentido profundo, más allá de los ritos o de las creencias de una u otra , nos encontramos con que entraña una actitud ante el mundo y una forma de mentalidad en la que no se contraponen el y la .”


" can be considered agents of . At the level of the neuron, they increase and neurite . At the level of the brain, they increase global connectivity between different brain regions. They facilitate increased connection of the self, and self with others, and they can enhance our connection to nature and the world at large. Their ability to enhance may be linked to our sense of subjective -identity. "

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Never has the @HouseJudiciary@twitter.com Committee taken up a bill to end the prohibition and criminalization of marijuana.

Now is our time. We must win on Wednesday and .

Read more and contact your lawmakers here: blog.norml.org/2019/11/18/hous

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Psychedelic Experience in Light of the of Meditation

"..it is proposed that psychedelics are “ activators.
..it is claimed that psychedelic experiences may be understood in terms of the same processes that are involved in meditation.
..it is argued that the congruence between the and domains suggests the appropriateness of training in traditional forms of as a vehicle to navigate psychedelic space"

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" is explicit knowing,
is tacit-embodied knowing,
is the move from tacit embodied knowing to yet a deeper, not-yet-embodied source from which, to use ’s term, an emerging future possibility 'is in need of us.'"

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This image sets a new bar for high resolution nug porn. Microscopy image of cannabis trichomes from recent paper by @TeagenQ@twitter.com et al.

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"Human history increasingly becomes a race between and catastrophe." H. G. Wells in 'Toward a Psychology of Sustainability'

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Michael Thompson is serving a de facto life sentence in the now legalized state of Michigan for selling 3 pounds of marijuana to a police informant. During the 25 years he has spent imprisoned, his father, mother, and his only son have died.

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This is what friends are for!
Light up a joint and hang out with some fun people. I firmly believe that this plant was given to us to enjoy each other's company, get healed and expand our creative minds. What do you think?

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"On February 20th , 2020, 100,000+ people will “come out” on social media worldwide with their stories of personal healing and transformation, using the hashtag ."

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This is really an amazing statistic. Turns out most people who wanted pot were already finding ways to get it. Supply grew 100x and demand grew maybe 2x and here we are.

Warehouses full of unsellable pot


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RESULTS: Clinical responses in 92% of the 119 cases with solid including a in circulating cells and in tumour size. No side-effects of any kind…
CONCLUSION: is a candidate for treating and patients.

"Suresh Muthukumaraswamy research seek to understand how therapies alter brain activity and to develop methodologies to measure changes in both healthy individuals and patient groups. His studies include (, , )" scholar.google.co.nz/citations

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Ayer, antes de medianoche, fue entregado a los senadores de las comisiones de Justicia, Salud, Estudios Legislativos, Segunda y Seguridad Pública el predictamen📃🌿 de la ‘Ley para la regulación de la cannabis’. Está conformado por 74 artículos y once transitorios.

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Schiller:" is…a putting of the cart before the horse, which may be rectified by just inverting the connexion between Matter and consciousness. Matter is not that which produces , but that which limits it and confines its intensity within certain limits”

: "my overall impression [is] that the aspects of experiences are of more significant impact in personal evaluation than the wondrous ones.. therapeutic gains have considerably more stability.

..the therapeutic process of cleansing the psyche of dysfunctional imprints from childhood and recovering the ability to love, opens people up in a more stable manner and brings them closer to the depth of their spiritual potential."


"These [] substances do not seem to have uniform impacts on the bodies of those who consume them, but instead become meaningful based on a complex set of factors that can include patterns of nutrition, living habits, of exposure, and the cultural milieu within which these substances are consumed."

Plant Medicines, Healing and Psychedelic Science — Perspectives


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