We are talking about plant-based that have been in use by peoples and cultures for thousands of years.

And yet, here ancient wisdom about the use of psychedelic substances is repackaged to be sold as groundbreaking discovery, and they say that psychological support becomes essential.

@eliasulrich I wouldn't say psychological support is essential.Ancient cultures didn't have exactly what we would call that, but at the same time ancient cultures probably lived a much saner life, much less stressful and more connected to nature and society. We mostly don't, so I think in general we need this psychological support (to reconnect ourselves with our real nature), not only linked to taking psychedelic substances. I think they also help, with or without such support

@icaro I think the problem with the contemporary discourse around , with the and all the science talk, is not that it's not sane or helpful even, but because it is so much focused on offering an individual process.
While ancient cultures have managed to build collective processes to deal with these extraordinary states of mind, the 'innovative' approach seeks to offer these experiences in a regular way, in a safer way, in a marketable way as an individual experience.

@eliasulrich I completely agree. I'd say most of us born in Western societies have a long way to learn on how to relate to each other, creating communities, having a collective vision and dimension in our lives...

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