@m4sk1n indeed. and in a strict interpretation, he would maybe be vulnerable to litigation from Thib but it'll never happen.

and besides, we are already having the AGPL conversation with Gab. they state they intend to publish the source in concert with launching in production. we will see if they do so, and if they don't, then we move to the next step in enforcing AGPL.

Fun fact about the license under which the Mastodon source code is published (AGPL) is that it requires any modifications to it to be published.

No secret sauce, no proprietary features possible. Which is why commercial companies hate this license.

Want to paywall "pro" features? You can, but anyone can take your code and run it on a different server for free.

Anyway, that's quite an interesting financial choice for Gab, a for-profit entity that sells "pro" features

Last week, @staltz published an article looking at the funding of open source projects.

It's a long-form article full of nuance:


Tl/dr: More needs to be done to fund open development, including more pressure on companies to donate to projects they benefit from, unionising, alternative licences and more donations in general.

This made me wonder, should there be a day on the Fediverse where we promote donations to a particular project? For example a #SupportSunday?

Drauzio Varella: "A é talvez a mais fracassada da história ocidental. Os —país que a concebeu—são hoje os maiores consumidores mundiais. Gastamos bilhões com a repressão policial e as cadeias para conseguir o quê? Números crescentes de usuários e presidiários, da sociedade, urbana, 51 mil (2018) maconha e cocaína distribuídas pelo país inteiro, cada vez mais baratas. Vai ficar assim para sempre?"


"A Associação Brasileira de Apoio Esperança (Abrace), em João Pessoa (PB), é a única entidade do país e uma das pioneiras por aqui no da para fins . A história começou com o diretor e fundador da entidade, Cassiano Teixeira. Ele morou nos Estados Unidos entre 2001 e 2003, onde aprendeu sobre o assunto. Ao retornar, notou que a mãe apresentava os mesmos sintomas de uma tia, que morreu vítima de um ."


" researchers are showing a renewed interest in the use of .

“The traumatic memory of the incident replays like a tape loop in the patient’s mind. doesn’t eliminate the traumatic , but it takes away the emotional impact so that the memory no longer controls a person,” explains Dr. Haden, who hopes to have approved as a treatment for by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and by Health by 2021."


"Pues bien, el consumo de —u otras plantas—por las distintas y por los grupos de personas de otros lugares del mundo favorece la pertenencia a la , sentirse parte del grupo y útil a él, a tener una y amistades con las compartir la vida. Prueba de ello, nada más hay que observar cómo viven las tribus de la conca que usan estos rituales. Saben quiénes son, donde están y para qué están, y con quién están."


"Every has some broker of spiritual capital, showing the adaptive value of .

- One explanation holds that shamans are beta-versions of modern ;

- A 2nd one is that exploit human gullibility by taking advantage of psychological biases, such as the fear of ‘dread risks’;

- A 3rd argument holds that shamans organise social groups around beliefs."

To gain mastery over is to create a worth living for."


O plano da para plantio de e seu

"A proposta restringiu as possibilidades de para fabricantes e instituições de . Incluiu controles rigorosos para a produção e não abriu a possibilidade de para consumo medicinal próprio, o que acontece em outras jurisdições."


"Desde que o jornalista ajudou a lançar o cinco anos atrás, na esteira da sua série de reportagens sobre o caso Edward , o site tem crescido de forma rápida. Uma consequência um pouco inesperada na época da criação do site nos EUA foi o lançamento de uma versão brasileira, o , baseado no , onde vive desde 2005.

A gente é como uma banda de rock."


“Modern perspectives on cannabis vary tremendously cross-culturally, but it is clear that the plant has a long history of human use, medicinally, ritually and recreationally over countless millennia.
Ancient mourners apparently created the smoke by placing hot stones in wooden braziers—receptacles for flaming objects—and laying in plants. The residue was found on the insides of 10 braziers on stones exhumed from eight tombs in the 2,500-yrold Jirzankal Cemetery"

Thinking about how intimidating Mastodon can seem because you have to scroll through a huge list of instances and pick one and try your luck, rather than just going to "the bird website" or "the facebook" and signing up.

But then, like - that's how it always used to be? That's what forums were like, you found one randomly, you took your chances, and it worked out or it didn't.

How quickly big tech conditioned us to fear choice and mistrust the unknown, I guess. Anyway uhhh piss piss ass piss ass

" has a variety of pro-social effects, such as increased friendliness and heightened empathy, yet there is a distinct lack of research examining how these effects might intertwine with a .

This paper claims that MDMA use forms part of a spectrum of relationship ‘work’ practices; a unique kind of ‘date night’ that revitalises couples’ connection."

‘Never drop without your significant other, cause that way lies ruin’


is rocking the internets with "How to Change Your : What the New of Teaches Us About , Dying, , , and "

", whether for the treatment of psychological problems or as a means of self-exploration and spiritual growth, is undergoing a in the US… at Johns Hopkins, NYU & UCLA, where drug trials have yielded promising results."


", applied as to psychological problems rather than broader conditions, risks simply feeding into the self-improvement logic that increasingly underscores , and that has already shown a remarkable capacity to absorb, defang, and redirect potentially transformative practices like and ."


~ and the discrimination against by Users in ~

"Foreigners, and even Brazilians, often feel confused by the fierce accusations leveled by the members of different Brazilian ayahuasca religions against each other.
So strong and generalized is the adherence to antidrug prejudice that even older divisions among them... are forgotten in name of their united campaign against Santa Maria (Cannabis)."


Professor at UFRN (Brazil) indicates that  may ease , effects similar to mindfulness meditation t.co/FmlCmLfeoS

~The revolution in ~
"After 50yrs, researchers are once again investigating the benefits of (‘magic ’) and . There’s mounting evidence that psychedelic experiences can be genuinely , especially for people suffering from intractable , and .

aeon.co/essays/psychedelics-wo ecodigital.social/media/tvdBqr

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