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unlock the : "a breakthrough shift in perspective catalysed by the perception of the & of life on Earth, often resulting in a strong desire to protect the planet."

Would the ecological literacy of our species have developed differently had these tools for glimpsing the ‘overview’ been rather than ?"

"Suresh Muthukumaraswamy research seek to understand how therapies alter brain activity and to develop methodologies to measure changes in both healthy individuals and patient groups. His studies include (, , )"

"Suresh’s research interests are in understanding how therapies alter brain activity and in developing methodologies to measure changes in both healthy individuals and patient groups. His previous studies include (ketamine, LSD, psilocybin)"

"O que cresce no jardim da vovó?" Apesar da autora admitir que no início ela não podia conversar com seus filhos sobre o assunto, agora ela decidiu fazer isso com os seus netos.

: "These claims of positive effects include claims of improved focus, wellbeing, and an improvement in mood and anxiety issues - important benefits as rates of rise and the discovery of new slows."


119 cancer patients were treated with CBD oil over a 4-year period.

92% of patients had a reduction in circulating tumour cells and sometimes a decrease in tumour size, as shown by repeat scans.


" was supposed to take out of the hands of criminal networks, but state models with expensive, restrictive seem to encourage crony ."

"’s legal industry added a total of 6,570 jobs during the month of August, representing a 4-fold increase from 2018. More means better unemployment rates and more money being pumped into the country’s economy–a win-win for everyone."


Ayer, antes de medianoche, fue entregado a los senadores de las comisiones de Justicia, Salud, Estudios Legislativos, Segunda y Seguridad Pública el predictamen📃🌿 de la ‘Ley para la regulación de la cannabis’. Está conformado por 74 artículos y once transitorios.


"Los criadores que entregaron su material genético pagaron mucho dinero por los servicios de certificación e incorporación al de . En este contexto, es fácil comprender por qué el abuso de confianza ha tenido repercusiones tan profundas."


"Justamente porque tudo está conectado (cf. Laudato si '42; 56) no bem, no amor, justamente por essa razão, toda falta de amor repercute em tudo. A crise ecológica que estamos vivenciando é, acima de tudo, um dos efeitos desse olhar doente sobre nós"


"The belief that the brain creates isn't just a harmless scientific theory, it might not only be incorrect, but it actually could be the cause of our downfall as a species if we don't wake up."

Viveiros de Castro: “O continua sendo uma colônia que consegue o prodígio de ser uma autocolônia, colônia dos outros e a colônia de si mesmo."

as put it, “ might be wasted on the seem to be particularly good for jogging us out of our grooves of habit and allowing us to acquire a fresh perspective on familiar you get older, you get mired in habits.”


Mexico is poised to legalise cannabis after Supreme Court rules that the prohibition of recreational use violates the
The "war on drugs" is a war on consciousness and a war on people. Time to end it. Everywhere.


"Our collective objective should be, to make the world work for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offence, or the disadvantage of anyone."
- Buckminster Fuller

'How do you build a culture
which sees the world as
a living sacred community
of which you are a part?'

— Paul Kingsnorth

"Experiments on have generally focused on and . A 2016 study in the Journal of Psychopharmacology found that psilocybin-assisted therapy sessions improved mood and reduced anxiety in 80% of people six months after treatment"

"Diría que hay un .Mujeres que quieren el poder,el dinero,el reconocimiento como los hombres,pero que en cierto modo traicionan el espíritu femenino,no sirven como promotoras de la dignidad del espíritu femenino, de cuidado."

Schiller:" is…a putting of the cart before the horse, which may be rectified by just inverting the connexion between Matter and consciousness. Matter is not that which produces , but that which limits it and confines its intensity within certain limits”

"Today most scientists believe that we are just machines;… that is part of the operation of the brain, similar to the software that runs in our computers. Therefore, our robots will eventually be conscious.
But is this really possible?"

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