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"Foreigners, and even Brazilians, often feel confused by the fierce accusations leveled by the members of different Brazilian ayahuasca religions against each other.
So strong and generalized is the adherence to antidrug prejudice that even older divisions among them... are forgotten in name of their united campaign against Santa Maria (Cannabis)."


Professor at UFRN (Brazil) indicates that  may ease , effects similar to mindfulness meditation t.co/FmlCmLfeoS

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"After 50yrs, researchers are once again investigating the benefits of (‘magic ’) and . There’s mounting evidence that psychedelic experiences can be genuinely , especially for people suffering from intractable , and .

aeon.co/essays/psychedelics-wo ecodigital.social/media/tvdBqr


As with many social changes, from transportation to food delivery to dating, Silicon Valley has blazed a trail with microdosing. It may yet influence the way that America, and eventually the West, view substances.

Surprising turn:
may no longer hold the reputation of making people drop out.

1843magazine.com/features/turn ecodigital.social/media/mbwVKW

: People who take with breakfast
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Microdosing is when you take a tiny amount of substancers - LSD or mushrooms usually - as part of your ordinary day. Some say it aids creativity and concentration and others argue it helps with their mental health problems.

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" : The New Silicon Valley Productivity Hack"

George Burke says taking tiny hits of LSD has changed his work, and his life, for the better.

"A way to not be trapped in ADHD (Adderall) medication or antidepressants"

New and innovative uses of


Is Right for You?

Janet Chang, digital marketer and entrepreneur, talks about her experiences with microdosing. With a background in professional sports and personal development, Janet has applied her own style of testing and tracking to her microdosing experiment with at work for a year.

thethirdwave.co/janet-chang/ ecodigital.social/media/JvhyLX

NYT: "’s Law Turns Pharmacists Into Dealers"
"An ancient medicine finally gets back to where it belongs"


"A promessa psicodélica no curto prazo é cuidar do sofrimento humano, mas no longo prazo é cuidar da estruturação social. Porque vivemos numa situação de muito sofrimento na sociedade, pela desigualdade gigantesca, porque as pessoas que têm muito, e muito mais do que podem usufruir, não estão satisfeitas. A promessa dos psicodélicos é mudar isso"
É isso!


A veteran farmer mourns the passing of a more paranoid, more profitable way of life

Now that California voters have legalized pot for adult recreational use — regulations go into effect in January — small growers like Blake will have only a few years before they could be squashed by big greenhouse growers, who will be pumping good-quality, low-cost weed into the marketplace.


Por uma 'Ecologia Cognitiva'

A Ecologia Cognitiva afirma o valor social do uso positivo de substâncias psicoativas, e pretende conectar e ativar a ação integrada de indivíduos e grupos que considerem chegado o momento de mudar o foco da argumentação que legitima a lógica proibicionista em nosso país.

ecognitiva.blogspot.com.br/200 ecodigital.social/media/kTxSm2

Iniciado o processo de abertura do 1º Clube Social de no

Seguindo o modelo da (European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies), o Clube Social de Cannabis do Distrito Federal foi registrado em cartório e inicia agora a obtenção de CNPJ.

Trata-se de uma organização sem fins lucrativos, que une usuários de e produtores, de modo a garantir acesso à planta.


Ecologia Digital

Mastodon da Ecologia Digital.

Construindo o ambiente digital público ~ comum ~, em prol de um ‘movimento ambiental para a rede [Internet]” -> #ecodigital

"Tal como o meio-ambiente, o domínio público (ou comum) precisa ser 'inventado' antes de ser salvo." - James Boyle, criador do ‘ambientalismo para a rede