@kirschner One thing that bothers me is why didn't send their own standard to standards bodies such as , and such like. Also, the fact that their “flagship” client, / Desktop, is actually not worries me (see and ).

@adfeno @kirschner Having a third party standards body slows things down, so they went for their own process (based on a non-profit org), which is still rather inclusive.

About Element being non-free: that's not quite true. All versions work with just free software, the only times when non-free software is used as a dependency it's because of platform restrictions forcing it (1/2)

@adfeno @kirschner

The one thing is Android Push notifications: There simply is no other way to get reliable push notifications that don't hurt the battery runtime. For people willing to take the tradeoff, the offer a fully free version that polls in the background.

The claims that electron is non-free are dubious in my opinion, but web browsers have limitations which aren't present on electron, which is why the desktop version exists. (2/2)

@jcgruenhage @kirschner well, I'm not the only one that evaluated the / project. You can of course ask the directory for another review provided there is justification.

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