Hey #fediverse, what in your opinion is the best platform through which to get #donations? I'm thinking to set it up so that if you like the content that I put on #peertube etc you could support me in making more of it! :D And if you can't, no pressure either!

I've never looked into this before, but a quick search shows #patreon, #flattr as some alternatives. Thought about paypal as well, but haven't heard good things from them lately.

What's your recommendation?


@kzimmermann I know that his is far off but consider suggesting your country to implement . I don't know much about it but I vaguely heard of . I know little about whether it runs that is not or not

Besides @snowdrift has some studies on the advantages of many of those platforms in regards to sustainability for projects: wiki.snowdrift.coop/market-res .

See also wiki.snowdrift.coop/market-res .

@adfeno thanks for this amazing suggestion! I'll definitely be considering this if my projects here start to grow.

Also +1 for @snowdrift for Nina Paley artwork!

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