#gamedev project idea:
finding some open sourced games that lack #accessibility features and adding them.

@grainloom Awesome idea, being / and almost , I do face some issues.

As an example: Angry, Drunken Dwarves; and have items with icons that are difficult to figure out what they are (either due to color or shape similar to each other).

The second also has a bug in which the items bought in the shop don't get activated in the next level.

@adfeno @grainloom I mean, I'd like to even be able to *play* those games. I'm totally blind. I mean, I can use OCR for text, but not much else for actual gameplay. But I have emulators and fighting games, Dissidia Final Fantasy for PSP being my favorite of all time.


@devinprater @grainloom Hm… I see and do agree that this could be subject for improvement. I some times contribute to projects, although to solve other issues, but I do give occasional takes on accessibility issues.

@adfeno @grainloom We need much more of that. If blind people are going to take #Foss seriously, FOSS devs will have to take us seriously too. I know, accessibility isn't very fun to hack on. But for us, Linux, LibreOffice, current Wordpress, and no FOSS game, are not fun at all except to the most die-hard Apple/Microsoft haters among us, and they are very, very few. When closed source software does what we want, and need for our jobs, and enjoy for our relaxation, idealism is meaningless. I mean, we can't even *use* Ubuntu Touch because either Orca or something in the accessibility stack doesn't support touch screens. So really, if devs are interested in accessibility, they'll have to make stuff happen before being taken seriously. That's just what it's come down to. We in the blind community just don't have time for pie in the sky wishful thinking when 70% or so of us don't have jobs.

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