Thinking about having _so many_ different messaging platforms exacerbates my existing problem with remembering to reply to people.

I find it so incredibly hard to remember to reply to people on Telegram, WhatsApp, Discord, FB Messenger, Slack, Email, Twitter.....

Nowadays you're most likely to get me on WhatsApp, because what's the platform with the most people on for me atm. Although, email is a good bet.

Every service having a lock-in messaging system with no API is so damn frustrating.

I'd love to link all these platforms together in one unified place, but it's not in the companies best interest to allow 3rd party clients like that.

( Don't tell me about Bitlbee, it makes this easier, but every bitlbee plugin behaving differently, and the whole ecosystem being janky makes it hard )

I realise that unification existed before with XMPP.

I'm mostly just noting how the number of different messaging options massively reduces the possibility that you'll get a reply out of me (and others).
Which is like, counterintuitive to how it feels like it should be.

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