A Thread In Defense of Richard Stallman #RMS

The identity politics crowd / #metoo lobby destroyed Richard Stallman with the support of corporate media and many others. Among those who applaud will be tech giant companies, opponents of software freedom and most importantly, ...

... those who were at the receiving end of his scathing criticism of surveillance state/surveillance capitalism. #RMS has been an outspoken defendant of #Wikileaks, Julian #Assange, Chelsea #Manning and Edward #Snowden.

The abrupt resignation of #RMS is a victory to the big brother. It leaves a political vacuum that those who applaud the resignation can never, and will never fill.

The "discussion"(or the lack of it) and the outrage that paved the way to his resignation reveals all the undemocratic characteristics of "sexual misconduct" witch-hunts we've seen in the recent past. Shame on you, #MIT! Shame on you, #FSF!

Both #MIT and #FSF should have defended him instead of succumbing to the pressure of the witch-hunt. He is now being portrayed as a "creeper" and many other things. They dig up his past communications, take them out of context in a way that is typical to the #metoo crowd, ...


@lohang himself agreed it was necessary to resign. The media coverage framed him as defendant of the atrocity, and by correlation, others were insinuating that the movement itself was like . According to him in the libreplanet-discuss mailing list, @fsf approached him suggesting him to resign, and he agreed. Also, he told that in order to support the movement, people need to continue support and renew their membership.

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