#InternetOfOwnership have compiled a fantastic list of projects that share the goal of replacing corporate #DataFarms with #CommunityHosting, based on #cooperative development of #FreeCode software:

Categorized lists of organizations/ projects, with short descriptions of them, save people a lot of web searching and skim reading of homepages and FAQs, and that's valuable. There are so many of us working on different aspects of ethical tech now! It's fantastic. But it also introduces a coordination problem. How do we combine our efforts effectively, to speed up progress towards our shared goals?


@strypey I use and contributo to directory.fsf.org/ . reviews to see if: (a) these follow the and have no antifeature (see the Antifeature Project Team there); don't have any and follow the FSDG; don't do this but are free/libre software (including with at least shareable non-functional data); aren't free/libre.


ioo.coop sounds cool, but I got kinda dissappointed when they rely on google products on the website.


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