#GNU #Linux-libre 4.20-rc7-gnu source tarballs and patches are now available for testing. bonus: jxself rolled out #Freesh .debs of 4.20-rc6-gnu, once deblob scripts got ready today. I thought it was too late for rc6, but he didn't ;-) thanks, jxself!
it's a tricky balance indeed: where does a project's release becomes an individual's release? I mean, I can't thank jxself internally within the project (e.g., in our IRC channel, I ack and thank pretty much every release of his, even though he no longer needs my help to push them to the live server), but it feels a bit weird to me, when publishing an announcement on behalf of the project, to thank people who are so ingrained in the project that it triggers my etiquette reflex of not thanking oneself.
(-: thanking one self should always be acceptable when *jason* self is the one ;-)

jxself-maintained Freesh repo grew a lot, and now I have rare opportunities to mention Freesh releases, that he prepares, when the source releases I prepare are done

but yeah, it always feels nice when I manage to sneak in some explicit gratitude to him in the public announcements ;-)
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