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WTF?! My non-rooted phone had #Google Maps pre-installed, but I only use #OSMand for navigation etc.

Yesterday, I walked to a local restaurant, without using my phone, and had lunch there before walking back.

I never opened #GoogleMaps.

Today, I find a notification from Maps:
How was {restaurant name}?
Rate places to get smarter recommendations.

So it tracked and calculated where I ate without even opening my phone or the app.

Definitely time for #Pinephone / #LibreM

#privacy #Android

📚 I'm making a big high quality English Pepper&Carrot comic book using only FLOSS from scratch! Here is a first blog post report (a bit technical) of my research and test with #Krita, #Inkscape and #Scribus on #Kubuntu 18.04.2 LTS: davidrevoy.com/article735/

The licensing situation for #WikiTree is a shame too:

#IANAL and I get that licensing a #genealogy database while protecting privacy is complicated, but the least they could do is adopt an #ODbL (Open Database License). Given their mission of ensuring the family tree they are collecting is never lost, it makes sense to remove any legal obstacles that might come from #SuiGeneris database rights in some jurisdictions, allowing personal backups of the database etc.

"Moreover, if all our code were open, it could be easier for would-be hackers to defeat our privacy controls. We work hard to protect privacy. With all our code public we'd have to work even harder."

Not only does #WikiTree not even begin to understand the principles of #SoftwareFreedom (reasons to publish code other than encouraging replication), they believe in #SecurityByObscurity:

Which is a shame, because otherwise it's a cool site.

#RichardStallman has no intention of stepping down from the #GNUProject. Good news.

"I continue to be the Chief GNUisance of the GNU Project.
I do not intend to stop any time soon."

Sometimes the hardest thing to do with a creation is deciding on a name for it.

@snowdrift @SeaGL

My talk on #restorativejustice and #transformativejustice will be particularly relevant to issues around Mastodon communities such as @SocialCoop which I use.

Several team members from Snowdrift.coop will be speaking at @SeaGL #SeaGL2019 in November

More details on our event posting at our forum: community.snowdrift.coop/t/sea

I reactivated my Facebook account today to check a couple of 'must-see' posts that I couldn't see otherwise. It was beyond creepy to see it telling me that I 'might know' a person I met offline, and offline only. The only way they could have tracked us together was through our phones. Our phones were at the same location for couple of weeks. I think we took taxis using the same mobile app, separately. That is all. I've never used Facebook from my phone.

As a lifelong Seattleite and most-of-my-lifelong free software person, I am *incredibly* honored to be giving one of the keynote addresses at @seagl@twitter.com this year.
RT @nathanhandler@twitter.com
The fourth and final @seagl 2019 keynote has just been announced. We are very excited to have @makoshark presenting - seagl.org/news/2@seagl@twitter

Do you like data? Do you like standards? Do you like public good? Do you like co-operating and flat org structures and a good work life balance and not just chasing $$? Open Data Services Co-op are hiring: non-dev techie data standards roles. Fully remote. Check it out. opendataservices.coop/jobs/ #coop #cooplife

Pergunta sincera:

O ministro @rsallesmma@twitter.com está em viagem pela Europa, mas a agenda no site do ministério diz que ele não tem compromissos, como mostrou o @TheInterceptBr@twitter.com theintercept.com/2019/09/28/a-

Alguém foi atrás (via LAI ou coisa assim) para saber quem está pagando essa viagem?

I get nervous when I think about how long it's taken community-oriented free software to have interfaces that resemble "could be comfortable on mobile" and how much more critical user freedom concerns will be when we're all wearing sensory-modifying wearable computing and how hard it will be for the FOSS world to adjust its software to comfortably work on augmented reality type systems

Nextcloud 17 brings remote wipe, collaborative text editor and next generation secure watermarking

Welcome to Nextcloud 17! This release brings major new improvements, especially around security and team collaboration. You can go get the update or read on to find out what is new! Download now! 💣 Remote wipe Remote Wipe allows users and administrators to forcibly clean files from remote devices, for … Continued

nextcloud.com/blog/nextcloud-1 libranet.de/objects/0b6b25a883

Por que código financiado com dinheiro público deve ser aberto? @lexelas@twitter.com, FSFE EU Policy Manager, responderá isso e muito mais no Open Source Lisbon, no dia 4 de Outubro em Lisboa! opensourcelisbon.com/agenda

Saiba mais: publiccode.eu/


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