A product's privacy claims are only as good as its default settings.

Providing options to change the default privacy-violating settings in some "Advanced" section doesn't make your product a privacy-respecting one.


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.oO ouvindo as gravações que vieram a público das mensagens entre Bolsonaro e Bebbiano dá pra entender por que a pronúncia em inglês de "audio" é tão parecida com a pronúncia em português de "ódio"
.oO os dois caras trocando mensagens com intermediação do maior motor de espionagem já criado pela humanidade, usando dispositivos sabidamente inseguros, e ficam achando que "como eu não vazei, foi você!"

2009: Young people use Twitter. Old people complain about how this terrible "Twitter" thing is ruining society.

2019: Old people use Twitter. Young people complain about how this terrible "Twitter" thing is ruining society.

#GNU #Linux-libre #Freed-ora 4.20.10-gnu rpms for f2[89] and 5.0-rc7-gnu rpms for f30 are now available for testing
#GNU #Linux-libre #Freeloong 5.0.0-rc7-gnu, 4.20.10-gnu, 4.19.23-gnu, 4.14.101-gnu, and 4.9.158-gnu mipsel .debs for gnewsense/yeeloong are now available

I hate the "own your data" meme in the decentralized social web. A friend of mine pointed out how useless the phrase is a few years ago and I agree. "Ownership" sounds an awful lot like digital "property", which is nonsense when moving from physical to digital stuff because copying doesn't destroy the original. The path you go down there is the path to artificial constraints like DRM. Yikes!

We should be talking about user autonomy instead. That's a much better meme.

HTML, CSS and our vanishing industry entry points, If we make it so that you have to understand programming to even start, then we take something open and enabling, and place it back in the hands of those who are already privileged. 💯 true. rachelandrew.co.uk/archives/20

The continuation of #Spritely Golem will be to explain how the paradox of "mutable" content can be done in such an immutable distributed system, allowing updates or even deletes (via switching the content to Tombstone objects).

Here's my reading list, in case you want to follow along:


(thanks to friends on #erights on irc.freenode.net for these links)


I think that the best way would be to incorporate discussions of free software as a social movement into papers/panels/meetups at DH conferences. But as a lowly grad student I'm not sure how much clout I've got to do so. I've also seen panelists ripped to shreds in the Q&A by senior scholars who think things like cc licenses are antithetical to academic research.

Me: I don't understand why people aren't using the ActivityPub client to server part of the spec

Also me: The client to server paradigm (as opposed to p2p applications that have no client / server distinction) is at the root of the failure of the fediverse to take off and be resilient

Splaining the Decentralized Internet Show more

Splaining the Decentralized Internet Show more

I think I've come to the conclusion that I enjoy web development - I just fucking hate the industry. (What I've seen of it so far at least).

Business' don't have any concern with the basic rights of people (privacy specifically). Yes they stick a "Privacy Policy" in the right place, but that's only to tell you how they are violating it, in general.

We really are in a dirty place in the networked age. We need to do better. And developers need to stop worshipping at the alter if fucking #google

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