Dana's writeup made me very sad to have missed @SeaGL this year: https://u.fsf.org/2z3 -- what a great event!

Erasmus students of @euYoutH_OSM from Portugal, Spain, Romania, Germany and Ireland, during a mapathon in @PortmarnockCS, mapping Lesotho and Mozambique

Some updates on federation:

The code powering the demo in the previous toot has been merged in the develop branch and deployed on open.audio.

This means that any public track published on open.audio can be searched from Mastodon and played via a single click.

I'm still looking for a way to have Mastodon embed the track directly via its audio player, but I'm going to call it a day ;)

In November, LibreOffice's QA (Quality Assurance) community fixed 236 bugs in the software. You can give them a hand with testing bug reports – you don't need to be a programmer! Learn more here: qa.blog.documentfoundation.org

Surprise your friends, families or colleagues with our special edition of #Christmas cards dedicated to the 4 freedoms to use, study, share, and improve.


Order today and you will receive them in time.


LibreOffice tip of the day: in Calc, you can protect cells via the menu: Format > Cells > Protection. To prevent insertion, deletion, renaming, move/copying of sheets, use Tools > Protect Sheet. More info here: help.libreoffice.org/latest/en

Yet another reason not to trust corporate #datafarms with your personal, family, or community history. Verizon is blocking attempts by web archivists to save the content of public YahooGroups before it all gets deleted:

In 20 years this could be FB or Reddit.

Quem puder apoiar o librefix, recomendo. Eles têm muita coisa boa e tão com muito pouco apoio pra importância do projeto (só 153 reais por mês).

Tweet de @AA_Avocats

A tous les journalistes, syndicats de journalistes, associations de droits humains et victimes de violences policières : projet d'amendement visant à réprimer pénalement la diffusion d'images de forces de l'ordre. #findelétatdedroit

Do you want to see free software grow and alternatives to proprietary software thrive? We're your people! New Supporters will get their donations tripled by a generous existing donor. Check it out! sfconservancy.org/supporter/

India's Information Technology Act is designed to make it hard for states to shutdown the internet. But #NetShutdowns happen anyway. How?

Mishi Choudhary explains: “What the states started doing is use the Police Power, a very different statute..."

READ: datacenterdynamics.com/analysi

"In a world where software influences virtually every single aspect of our lives, Free Software is a precondition for a free society."

Read our Interview with Reinhard Müller:

and then join him as a #supporter:

"I support the @fsfe because it's totally worth it. Its community is strong and very knowledgeable on a wide range of topics, so contributing to its mission is a good way to help the #FreeSoftware movement."

Join Vincent and become a #supporter:
my.fsfe.org/donate #nt

Code paid by the people should be available to the people!

Ask others to join the cause and show your commitment with our t-shirt:

#publiccode #FreeSoftware

We want the "Next Generation Internet" to be interoperable, inclusive, transparent and privacy friendly. #FreeSoftware is crucial to this, so the #FSFE helps software projects with licensing issues:


Help us to help them with your donation or get a supporter:

#NGI0 #Reuse

"Twitter, like GTD [#GettingThingsDone], fails to provides tools for fitting meaning-morsels together into creative assemblages of higher value."
- #DavidChapman

What might those tools look like? What exactly would they allow us to do that current social media tools don't? How could they work to help us make meaning together?

@fanta@linuxinthenight.com @juansantiago @dalme@gnusocial.cc @dsteve Perdonad que desentierre este hilo viejuno, era solo para comentar que la solución paliativa que yo empleo para este problema es visualizar los vídeos por medio de #mpsyt configurando todo el entorno -incluído el programa de visualización- para que las conexiones vayan torificadas. Menos da una piedra, pero está claro que tenemos un problema en cuanto a la centralización de los contenidos. A ver si un día #peertube etc. despegan...


Quick tip: Don't promote (in package repositories, etc) your app as being "user friendly". Everyone likes to think that about their apps.

Instead try to describe what "user friendly" means to you. Because that's your differentiator.

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