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@Feuerfuchs @kaniini As an addendum, it must be noted that just like the non-standardized federation (ones which weren't approved by a known standards review committee/body), the standardized ones (such as , which is bound to follow) accept contributions to improve the standard itself, which are discussed by workgroups. @cwebber, people from / / / might also like it.

CAPTCHA is a reverse Turing test where a human has to prove they're not a robot to a robot.

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"O liberalismo é o modelo económico mais eficiente!"

Somos o maior produtor, estamos vendendo tudo para o exterior e está faltando o produto no mercado interno

Solução 1:
Vamos atender primeiro o mercado interno e se sobrar vendemos para o exterior

Solução 2:
Vamos comprar mais caro de nossos concorrentes no exterior

Even if you don't really support the representative government system, or just don't support any of the parties with a realistic chance of getting represented, you can:

* make a protest vote for a small party you do support


* pick the party you think most likely to screw up the country in government and vote for the party or candidate that would annoy them the most ;)

@leip4Ier @wolf480pl I guess the hype around interactive web pages is what bugs me. It means that many sites which could work perfectly well with static content now have a bunch of js dependencies to show me the same types of content. I mean, 90% of my web browsing is just text with some images peppered in. Even video can be embedded on a page without any js

For those who won’t follow the link:
IAB Europe’s ad tracking consent framework found to fail GDPR standard

235 books sold in 24h! You are amazing! Thank you.
Here is a blog-post about the very emotional last 24h:

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@Blort haha! I think your plan might be stymied by the fact that they send you a guitar in advance of the lesson!

haha one of the best charity fundraiser items I've seen: a remote private guitar lesson with The Decemberists (or you can just donate directly to the excellent cause: )

A procura de matérias sobre o quanto as redes sociais são tóxicas e afetam a autoimagem de quem as usa. Se tiver a ver com o Instagram melhor ainda.


#Chile resiste
"9 meses con trauma ocular, 9 meses con mi herramienta de trabajo dañada, 9 meses en rehabilitación, 9 meses sin visión de mi ojo izquierdo, 9 meses de lucha por sanar. En Chile manifestarse cuesta un ojo de la cara. ¿Que tanto vimos para que nos dispararan a la cara? Justicia, reparación, verdad y NO REPETICIÓN"

La fotografa chilena Nicole Kramm, quien fue alcanzada por una bala de la policia en su ojo izquierdo el 31 de diciembre de 2019 mientras caminaba junto a sus colegas.

All source code of abandoned software should be open sourced. Manufacturers should be forced to do so on the end of service date.

I made a little web page to help me practice for a test I have coming up.

Small brain: Just use github

Medium brain: Federated pull requests

Galaxy brain: git am -3

Adding a (library/module/crate) dependency is like giving someone you've never met commit access to a subdirectory in your project repository, except their changes are less visible because they won't show up in your commit history.

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