Jornalistas da reconhecem suas próprias mensagens no acervo da #VazaJato, colocando em cheque a possibilidade de adulteração do conteúdo

Got a spare half hour this Sunday? There are many ways you can give the LibreOffice community a hand, meet new people, and improve the software for everyone! Check it out:

Una buena para el #fediverso la isntancia de #gnusocial sostenida por @elbinario ha reabierto los registros de nuevos usuarios.

#GNU #Linux-libre 5.1.14-gnu, 4.19.55-gnu, 4.14.129-gnu, 4.9.183-gnu, 4.4.183-gnu source tarballs and patches, and #Freesh .debs are now available (skipped 5.1.13-gnu and 4.19.54-gnu)

RT @openstreetmap
Will you be the one to help..? Or maybe someone you know..? Please get in touch with @OSM_tech or spread the message - thanks!

When your institution embarks on new initiatives that mix Silicon Valley messianic pronouncements, cynical neoliberal logic, & New Age cult speak...

'Millions of Business Listings on Google Maps Are Fake—and Google Profits. Google Maps is filled with false business addresses created by firms pretending to be nearby'

the map is the territory is the empire,
and the empire is full of shit

Help us put this account on the front page of the #fediverse by boosting this toot. 😜

#lgm #lgm19 #lgm2019 #LibreGraphicsMeeting

freieFarbe is a nonprofit working on free color standards, references and tools based on CIELAB. even their color atlasses are CC licenced! #lgm19 #lgm2019 #lgm @lgm

Thoughts in the morning: In every word and sentence where "smart" appears, you can replace "smart" with " surveillance". This does not change the meaning, but puts it in a completely different context.

* Smart-Phone
* Smart-Device
* Smart-City
* ...

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