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People, stop getting all your 'news' from Reddit, FB, goog, and the twitters!


I timely reminder that #LetsEncrypt will enable you to secure your website for free.

It's no use just YOU having a secure connection at your URL..

all the content and API's throughout the supply chain of provisioning your wesbites should reflect this respect to user security too.

Or it's simply NOT secure.


The document you have opened uses fonts not available on your system. Adobe Illustrator will display these fonts, however an invoice for the license for their use has been mailed to you. Payment is due within 14 days at which point legal proceedings will begin.


org-mode to dogfood, generate its org-mode manual from (including info manual output)

Great news!

Aviso de última hora: a crise no Brasil está suspensa. Retorna somente após o carnaval.
.oO amigo meu que mora em toronto acabou de me falar que queria criar um bloco de carnaval lá. vai chamar de "bloco de gelo" :-P via sergiodj